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studio clean out time (also a good way to blow that 900 your about to get)

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Apr. 21st, 2009 | 08:40 pm

I'm moving back south in a few months so it's time to look at cleaning out a few bits of kit I'm no longer using. The smaller stuff I am willing to post, the TLA and the Akai though are pickup only.

Everything is in working order and pretty scratch free. The rack gear will have some scratches on the tops and bottoms from pulling it in and out of racks but otherwise looks perfect.

info at dalebaldwin dot com if your interested

TLA 5052: Stereo Valve Processor

2 Channel Preamp, Compressor, Limiter, EQ that can be run as stereo or 2 individual channels

M Audio Firewire 410
4 in 10 out Firewire soundcard, works with both Mac and PC

AKAI S2000 Sampler
2 in 2 out Akai Sampler with system disc 2.0

Alesis MMT-8 x2
I have 2 of these and they are some of the coolest pieces of kit I have ever played with. If you want a sequencer for playing live this is what you want. Checkout the Orbital Live CD if you need proof.
$150 each

DBX 266xl 2 channel Compressor/Gate
Simple and easy to use compressor, usual good DBX reliability

Tapco Squeez SQ-2 Compressor Gate
Again another simple compressor, fun to overdrive with drums but then it is made by mackie so that's not really a surprise.

TASCAM 32 input patch bay
do I really need to describe this?

Line 6 Pod Pro
Rack Mounted Guitar processor, does amp, cabinet and stomp box modeling, also has a tuner which is useful for tuning old analog synth gear. I have run everything from guitars and bass through it to recorded flutes and organs.

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