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The Budget always brings out the best in people

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May. 13th, 2009 | 04:45 pm

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The Australian Treasurer handed down the budget last night and in the usual "what did I get" response that followed I noticed something rather interesting. When ever someone from an older generation is talking to Gen Y about money and it's during good times they say "we wanted the best for your children" usuall proud as well in a way that makes them think that we should think to be grateful to them for in most cases probably very little. However when it's no longer boom times and things are heading up the creek we hear this one "toughen up, you've had it too easy, in my day..." I usually switch off at this point.

I just find it rather odd that we should be grateful for apparently living like greek gods at one momment and then told to toughen up by the same people who were meant to be responsible for preparing us for life. I think this may be a good indication that someone screwed up on the last part.

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